Mississippi crime labs’ funding, backlogs reach critical level


rssfeeds.clarionledger.com – Mississippi – 2022-11-16 21:09:06

The Mississippi State Crime Lab in Pearl faces a backlog of cases due to staffing and funding issues, causing cases to drag on, sometimes for years.

Autopsy reports are backed up for five years, and now a former judge faces the task of cleaning up this mess.

Mississippi Public Safety Commissioner Sean Tindell, a former state appellate judge, said the state is working through a backlog dating to 2017. Meanwhile, families and loved ones wait, sometimes years, for a verdict on how someone died.

The factors affecting Mississippi – funding, and staff – are being felt in labs across the country.

“The issues of funding crime labs are reaching epic proportions,” said Matthew Gamette, who chairs the Consortium of Forensic Science…

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