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25 Fun Things to Do in Biloxi Mississippi

After hurricane devastation in 2005, Biloxi is again taking its rightful place among coastal tourist destinations. The city has a lot to offer, and it is still one of the best places to savor excellent seafood that it is known for. The beaches are also spectacular and provide many opportunities for those looking to enjoy… Keep Reading

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Mississippi Main Street communities receive 2021 National Main Street accreditation

Large number of the Mississippi’s main streets received an accreditation certifying the performance and qualification standards have been met. This recognition recognizes the communities’ commitment to revitalization and development based on preservation. The achievement is especially impressive since it’s been attained in the years of economic crisis due to the global pandemic. The program strives… Keep Reading

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‘Capitals of the world’ across Mississippi

There are many different capitals of the world that you can visit if you make your way to Mississippi. For example, Artesia is the Johnson Grass Capital of the World, although that is not a capital you’d want as Johnson grass can hurt crops. Belzoni is also known as the catfish capital of the World… Keep Reading

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