‘Like Toy Soldiers’: Central Mississippi Dance Adds Urban Twist to ‘Nutcracker’


Two weeks before opening day, children ages 4 through 6 march inside Central Mississippi Dance in Brandon, Miss., carrying golden horns and white replica rifles while Eminem’s “Like Toy Soldiers” blasts through the studio’s speakers.

Afterward, the music transitions into an upbeat, hip-hop instrumental, and three dancers playing mice follow along to dance instructor Tena Long’s movements as she illustrates how to perform the Milly Rock, a two-step dance where the performer swoops their arms left and right that originated in New York City.

One young girl, who is playing a soldier, taps away at the floor, the sounds her shoes make enamoring her as she waits for further direction.

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By: Aliyah Veal
Title: ‘Like Toy Soldiers’: Central Mississippi Dance Adds Urban Twist to ‘Nutcracker’
Sourced From: www.mississippifreepress.org/29349/like-toy-soldiers-central-mississippi-dance-adds-urban-twist-to-nutcracker
Published Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 18:35:49 +0000

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