Egg Bowl rivalry divides this Mississippi home on Thanksgiving

51 views – Mississippi – 2022-11-21 21:02:10

Eddie and Mitzie Moore, who live in Itawamba County, Miss., root for all Mississippi schools for 364 days a year, but on Thanksgiving Day, as in this 2020 Thanksgiving photo, all bets are off for the Egg Bowl.

It’s that time of year.

The turkey is on the table. The dressing is hot, and the pumpkin pie is fresh out of the oven.

The family has gathered, and your favorite uncle is telling that same old, worn-out story that he has told every year since anyone can remember.

With everyone together for the Thanksgiving , the husband and wife immediately retire to separate rooms to watch the Egg Bowl in what has become one of the most intense college football rivalries in the nation.

Some on ESPN have even called the rivalry toxic.

Even Eddie and Mitzie Moore, who find a way to root for each other’s…

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