Cheeky Monkey in Biloxi selling King Cakes to kick off Mardi Gras season

73 views – Brooke Parker – 2023-01-05 17:47:59

The official beginning of Carnival is here and you know what that means! It’s King Cake season!

Cheeky Monkey in will be serving them up all season.

The bakery has been selling King Cakes since they opened 11 years ago. The dough is hand rolled, baked, and topped with icing and colored sprinkles.

In preparation for Feast of the Epiphany, the official start of Carnival Season on January 6th, Cheeky Monkey baked more than 20 King Cakes.

It’s just the beginning. Between January 6th and February 21st, Cheeky Monkey will sell more than 3,000 King Cakes….

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