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Stennis Space Center’s role in NASA’S Artemis One

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When Artemis One launches later this month for a flight to the moon, employees at Space Center can take pride in knowing they were a major stepping stone in that project.

has a big role to play in NASA’s Artemis One launch on August 29th. Artemis One is the first test that combines both NASA’s space launch system and Orion Spacecraft.

The success of a crewless, wide orbit around the moon will validate the design and safety for a human exploration mission in the future.

The Aerojet Rocketdyne Facility at Stennis is a home for assembly and…

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Body found under tires in NASA Buffer Zone

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The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a body that was found over the weekend.

According to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, firefighters discovered the remains Saturday as they were monitoring a controlled burn in the NASA Buffer Zone near .

Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam says the body was found buried under tires north of I-10 and west of Highway 607.

He says it had been…

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Hancock County asking public’s help to identify body found near Stennis

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Hancock County Sheriff’s Department is trying to identify the remains of a person found buried under tires in NASA’S Space Center Buffer Zone.

The body was found Saturday by workers contracted by the Forestry Service to conduct a controlled burn in the area.

The Sheriff’s Department was called after the workers found human remains in a heavily wooded area. Deputies and investigators found the unidentified,…

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Stennis Space Center, NASA make huge strides in 2021

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, Miss. (WLOX) – NASA’s top leaders viewed the Space Center in earlier this month, where a Space Launch System is being built. It’s the most powerful rocket in the world, designed to power Artemis missions to the moon and eventual flights to Mars.

“That’s just one example of how Stennis is such a national asset,” said NASA Administrator Sen. Bill…

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NASA officials tour Stennis Space Center

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, Miss. (WLOX) – Top leaders from NASA are sharing their vision for the future of space exploration on the Coast.

Tuesday was Sen. Bill Nelson’s first stop at Space Center since he became NASA administrator in late April.

”This is an exciting point in our nation’s history and a lot of it is happening right here,” Nelson said.

NASA’s top leaders viewed the Stennis Space…

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Here’s how Mississippi is spending BP oil spill funds

Gulf Oil Spill

Here’s how Mississippi is spending its BP oil spill settlement funds

Whether it’s tracking the bright pink eggs of invasive snails, hunting feral hogs, upgrading airport facilities, barricading against Gulf waves, or training estheticians, Mississippi leaders are continuing to leverage funds from the 2010 BP oil spill towards a wide-ranging and long-lasting restoration effort.

On Tuesday the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality presented to Coast stakeholders about those projects and dozens of others during the agency’s annual Restoration Summit, which updates the public on how the state is spending the roughly $2 billion provided to it after the 2010 disaster.

After last year’s 10th anniversary of the destructive oil spill, Mississippi Today reported that the state had remained in the early stages of addressing ecological priorities, while completing several expensive non-environmental projects. Local stakeholders also criticized the state for not having a cohesive plan for spending the funds.

READ MORE: Several years into BP settlement spending, the bulk of Mississippi’s restoration work remains undone

Since 2016, the state has spent just over $200 million for more than 90 projects that address either an ecological or economic need on the Coast, according to data from MDEQ. In total, the state has budgeted about $580 million in completed or ongoing projects; Mississippi will continue to receive the rest of the $2 billion over the next decade.

Over the last two years, the state has prioritized spending towards restoring its shoreline and coastal habitat; that includes nearly $11 million that went to the Hancock County Living Shoreline, helping to fund a new 46-acre marsh completed this summer. In total, the state has spent $40 million on that project, by far the most expensive one so far.

Several million in recent spending has also gone towards acquiring and managing property to conserve habitat and improve downstream water quality, such as the more than $5 million for land along the River.

Non-environmental spending in the last couple years includes $7 million on a road in to reduce traffic along I-10, and $3.6 million that went towards completing the Mississippi .

As for total spending so far, about $127 million, or 63%, has gone towards environmental projects versus non-environmental projects. Yet non-environmental projects still comprise about 70% of completed project spending.

As MDEQ Director Chris Wells told Mississippi Today last year, much of the scientific work is not visible and takes years of research, creating a frustrating contrast with the conspicuous economic and infrastructure projects.

During Tuesday’s event, Wells showed a with testimonials of those impacted by BP spending, including graduates from a work-ready program, oyster gardeners, and a land manager tracking down the invasive apple snail.

Also on Tuesday, Gov. Tate Reeves announced 16 new projects totaling $62 million funded through the RESTORE Act, which were recommended to him by his Gulf Coast Advisory Committee.

Below is a list of those, as well as an updated table of current and completed projects listed on MDEQ’s restoration site:

RESTORE Act Direct Component (aka Bucket 1) Funding:

  • Water Quality Improvement Program ($1.1 million) — implementation of new, repaired, or upgraded stormwater and wastewater systems including septic to sewer conversions.
  • Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center ($1.54 million) — funding for design, permitting, construction, and installation of parking lot and outer concourse safety and security features. A continuation of previously-funded improvements.
  • Commercial Proving Grounds for Space to Sea Floor Environmental Monitoring ($1.65 million) — development of airborne and waterborne unmanned systems to test and calibrate new systems from private, educational, governmental, and military entities.
  • City of I-10 Commercial Corridor Improvements ($2.2 million) — improve access, connectivity, and safety of the Moss Point Interstate Commerce District to enhance the city’s economy and quality of life.
  • Hancock County Tech Park at Airport ($2.2 million) — construct a building to house the Department of the Army’s Joint Airborne Lidar Bathymetry Technical Center of Expertise (JALBTCX), which has outgrown its existing incubator space.
  • Gulfport- International Airport Site Expansion and Facility Relocation ($3.19 million) — expand the airport’s 241-acre runway-adjacent Project Ready site to attract industrial aerospace investment. Also, demolish the antiquated vehicle fleet maintenance facility and build a new facility adjacent to the airport’s maintenance building.
  • Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport Project Ready Site Mitigation and Prep ($4.18 million) — funding for the mitigating, clearing, and grubbing of an economic development site at the airport.
  • Broadwater Marina Restoration Project ($5.5 million) — funding to return to public use 30 acres of state-owned lands that includes future and economic development potential.
  • Hancock County Fairgrounds Revitalization/Hancock County Multipurpose Arena ($6.05 million) — upgrades and improvements to the 80-acre fairgrounds and multipurpose arena including facilities and infrastructure to foster economic growth.
  • Washington Street Avenue Gateway (Jackson County — $6.6 million) — construct pedestrian-friendly features including sidewalks, crosswalks, landscape the median, and install mast arm signals for safety for Washington Avenue in .

RESTORE Act Spill Impact Component (aka Bucket 3) Funding:

  • Accelerate Mississippi Public/Private Workforce Training Partnership ($2.2 million) — develop and foster workforce development through Accelerate Mississippi in the three coastal counties.
  • Coastal Habitat Management Fund ($3.3 million) — provide funding for management plans and management on existing and newly-acquired coastal preserves tracts.
  • Beachfront Resilience ($4.95 million) — additional funding for enhancing and repairing boardwalks and sidewalks along with dune plantings and fencing to address sand migration onto Highway 90.
  • Gulf Coast Center of Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) Fusion ($5.5 million) — project will focus on developing an Information Technology (IT) workforce for economic expansion, innovation, and societal growth.
  • Improvement of wastewater quality and solid waste disposal from Shrimp Processing industry ($5.5 million) — funding for improvements to wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal from the shrimp processing industry.
  • City of D’Iberville working waterfront and commercial seafood harbor ($6.6 million) — a project to build a mixed-use working waterfront and seafood harbor in D’Iberville.

This article first appeared on Mississippi Today and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

Some workers at Stennis Space Center to protest vaccine rules

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, Miss. (AP) — Some workers at a sprawling space center near the MississippiLouisiana line plan to protest federal requirements that they become vaccinated against .

The John C. Space Center workers plan a prayer rally Tuesday afternoon in Hancock County in , the Sun Herald…

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VIDEO: NASA Tests Astonishing New Mars Shot Engine  – Zenger News


NASA has just finished a successful series of tests of the new RS-series engines, which are a part of the Space Launch program. The development of these engines is an integral part of future Moon and Mars landing programs. Testing has pushed the engines to the limits, by deploying over 110% of power to it. Tests were done at the end of January, at NASA’s testing site in Mississippi. The engines are launched repeatedly, lasting approximately 500 seconds per each launch.

Key Takeaways:

  • NASA tested a new RS-25, the main engine used in the space shuttle.
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne, the main contractor involved in producing engines, will be receiving valuable data from these flights.
  • The upgraded engines will be used for the Artemis Program to send astronauts to the moon.

“The test was a part of the seven-test series and was carried out at the newly installed A-1 Test Stand at near in the U.S. of Mississippi, on Jan 28. The engine that has been designed with cutting-edge technology is deemed to be tested under different conditions before it will find itself in the space.”

Read more:

NASA Successfully Powered Up Core Stage of the Massive SLS Rocket in Green Run Test


Right now the propellant tanks are being closely monitored so that they can work out the finer details at a later date. They are pouring in a small amount of fluid at a time and seeing how they do, once they have this data they can then decide to tweak it for a better result. Once they have it all figured out they will be ready for business. The whole point of all of this is to test out new facilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Propellant is being loaded for the first time in stages to test what is being done.
  • Operations are still ongoing and the team will monitor the progress of these systems.
  • The process they are taking is to test things along the way so that they can be refined.

“Six barges filled with liquid hydrogen and oxygen supplied the propellant to the B-2 test stand at NASA’s Space Center near , Mississippi where the Green tests are taking place.”

Read more:

Watch as NASA fired up four RS-25 rocket engines for the first time


2021-01-16 17:52:21, 1610841141

Ground shook at Mississippi’s NASA as 4 engines tested for Space Launch System, Artemis program, …

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