Remembering Chomper the Alligator’s legacy on the Gulf Coast

143 views – Rick Gogreve – 2022-12-29 17:45:48

After being a staple attraction at Pine Hills Nursery in for more than 60 years, Chomper the has died.

The story of Chomper, also known as the king of the wild side, goes all the way back to 1958 when a man named Billy Cuevas rescued him right after he hatched. He was only six inches long.

Chomper was brought to the property now known as Pine Hill Nursery, where he grew to be a 12-foot, 900-pound friend to folks along the Coast who came to visit him. Cuevas said, “I really enjoyed him. A lot of people enjoyed it. Yeah, he knew me. I could go…

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Gautier and Biloxi Mississippi | Alligator Hunting


2022-12-20 13:03:45, 1671563025

We are having a blast traveling I-10 along the Gulf Coast. Our stay this week was at Shepard Park in Gautier, Mississippi.

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South Mississippi creek alligator bites teenager

385 views – Mississippi – 2022-07-06 21:00:04

A Mississippi teenager was recently bitten by an in a creek in .

According to Ricky Flynt, Alligator Program coordinator for the , , two boys were at a popular recreational spot on Red Creek at MS 26 in on June 13.

A 4-foot alligator swam toward them and one of the boys was able to get out of the water,…

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Where to find Mississippi Alligators


by John Dolan, Our Mississippi Home

There are plenty of alligators around the Mississippi Coast as the population has increased from near extinction back in the early 1960s. The of Mississippi is currently estimated to have 32,000 to 39,000 American Alligators. Mississippi has many of the largest gators in the region, to neighboring states; this is due to the laws restricting hunting. Thanks to regulations and…

This article first on Our Mississippi Home.

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Wildlife commission approves spring alligator hunt in Pelahatchie Bay

453 views – Mississippi – 2022-04-23 06:00:24

In its April meeting, the Commission on Wildlife, approved a plan that will allow special spring hunts in Pelahatchie Bay on the Ross Barnett Reservoir, an area where alligator hunting has not been legal before.

“We’re doing it purposefully to fall in the breeding season,” said Ricky Flynt, Alligator Program coordinator for the ,…

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It’s a Swamp Thing – Our Mississippi Home


by Cherie Ward, Our Mississippi Home

Have you ever wanted an up-close, personal experience with a 1,000-pound that’s just chilling on the edge of a swamp?

If you answered yes, then Gulf Coast Gator Ranch & Tours is the place for you, and owner Eva Philip said the Spring season is the perfect time to bring the family for an interactive and thrilling experience.

“All of the alligators are waking up,” Philip said,…

This article first on Our Mississippi Home.

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Alligator hunts proposed for Pelahatchie Bay at Barnett Reservoir

501 views – Mississippi – 2022-03-18 21:00:18

The , has proposed an alligator hunting season in Pelahatchie Bay on the Ross Barnett Reservoir to reduce the population through recreational hunters.

“We’re trying to control the adult breeding population,” said Ricky Flynt, MDWFP Alligator Program coordinator. “The adult females are what we’re trying to get out.

“This is a population…

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Local hunter kills 900 lb. alligator in South Florida

413 views – Jack Hammett – 2022-01-28 21:21:17

A renowned hunter in Vancleave bagged the closest thing to a living dinosaur after putting down a 13-foot in South Florida when it started troubling local livestock.

Doug Borries, lying prone at a private lake in Florida, spotted the alligator at 500 yards through the scope of his 7mm STW rifle. When the monster moved about 180 yards closer, Borries took his shot – nailing it right in the golf ball-sized kill zone…

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Gators fouled by diesel spill get a scrubbing, teeth cleaned

467 views – Associated Press – 2022-01-17 07:57:31


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Wildlife rehabilitators are decontaminating dozens of alligators, brushing their pointy teeth and scrubbing their scaly hides in the weeks after a pipeline rupture dumped 300,000 gallons (1.1 million liters) of diesel fuel into a New Orleans area wetland.

Diesel poured into the area outside the New Orleans suburb of Chalmette on Dec. 27 after a severely corroded…

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Drone Show at Gulfport Big Weekend


The is getting us excited about local wildlife differently this October.

To kick-off the Big Weekend, MSAQ is partnering with Hancock Whitney to dazzle the night sky with an amazing drone show. Five hundred drones will glow above Jones Park to create 3D shapes of marine life such as alligators, dolphins, and…

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