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Mississippi Stories: Wyatt Waters

Watercolorist Wyatt Waters joins Mississippi Today Editor-at-Large Marshall Ramsey from the road for this episode of . Waters talks about new book, “The Watercolor Road: Painting and writing through America’s South.”

He and his wife Kristi traveled through the Southeastern U.S. with their trusty trailer in tow. Waters tells stories about some of the paintings (shown on the screen) and tells about some of the people he met along the way. Along with the watercolor paintings, the book contains 21 essays as well. 

The audio is a little scattered due to him being on the road, but the images and stories make this video worth a watch. Wyatt Waters is a Mississippi treasure and this book will make him a national one as well. To find out more, go to wyattwaters.com.

This article first appeared on Mississippi Today and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Mississippi Stories: Wyatt Waters - Mississippi TodayMississippi Stories: Wyatt Waters - Mississippi Today