Mississippi Stories: Caren Zucker and John Donvan


2021-03-22 19:08:12, 1616458092

Did you know the first person to ever be diagnosed with autism lives in Mississippi? Don Triplett of Forest, MS, now in his late 80’s, was patient number one. A new documentary, “In a Different Key,” by Caren Zucker (award-winning producer at ABC ) and John Donvan (Journalist, broadcaster and debate moderator) debuts at the Oxford Film and tells Triplett’s story and the history of autism. Some of the stars of the movie are the citizens of Forest, who show us all that it truly does take a village to show kindness and compassion to children and adults with autism. “In a Different Key” tells a powerful story and shows us a better way. It’s based on Zucker’s and Donvan’s Pulitzer-Finalist book of the same name.

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