Missing Hinds County votes found, absentee vote counting continues


rssfeeds.clarionledger.com – Mississippi – 2022-11-10 12:04:05

An empty voting booth is seen at Fire Station 7 for the midterm elections in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

All of the votes in are now accounted for, Hinds County Circuit Clerk Zack Wallace confirmed Thursday morning, but reporting of the vote tally in the county continues to lag behind all other counties in the state.

This comes after reports on election night that vote tallies from nearly two dozen precincts, stored on thumb drives, were unaccounted for.

While Wallace said there were “no major problems” on election day, he said “21 precincts were not counted on election day, due to various reasons.”

“Nothing was lost,” Wallace said. “Some of the poll workers, they did a great job on…

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