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California baker creates life-sized Han Solo out of bread

111 views – WXXV Staff – 2022-10-21 16:53:17

Pan Solo
Catherine Pervan, with Our House Bakery in Benicia, Calif., talks about creating the life-sized Han Solo on Oct. 13, 2022 (Chris Riley/The Times-Herald via AP)

BENICIA, Calif. (AP) — Han Solo may be a hunk. But “Pan Solo” is a hunk of bread.

That’s what a bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area has dubbed its 6-foot bread sculpture of the “Star Wars” character as he appeared after being frozen in carbonite in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Hannalee Pervan and her mother, Catherine Pervan, co-owners of One House Bakery in Benicia, California, spent weeks molding,…

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