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34+ Best US Gulf Coast Restaurants and Chefs


Coast along the Gulf offers many pristine beaches and lots of activities on the water. However, perhaps the biggest draw to this area is the rich, local cuisine, which puts heavy emphasis on fresh ingredients from the ocean. It is no surprise that this area has many nationally renowned establishments offering superb culinary experience. The competition is stiff, and many new restaurants quickly gain reputation for their excellent food, locally sourced food. Additionally, such scene has caught attention of many well-known chefs who moved to the area for this culinary challenge.

Key Takeaways:

  • lists 34 of the best Gulf Coast Restaurants and chefs. These encompass eateries in Florida, Texas, Mississippi and more.
  • The lists relies heavily on John Beard nominations, with some solicitations from other industry pros.
  • The selector-choices were made to steer the list away from type of subjective list that already inundates the net.

“There are also mentions in this best Gulf Coast Restaurants and Chefs list from Zagat, Top Chef, Beat Bobby Flay, Golden Spoon (Florida’s annual culinary awards), DiRoNa (Distinguished Restaurants of North America), and other sources.”

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