White Elephant Gifts Everyone Wants To Steal


by Cherie Ward, Our Mississippi Home

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but it’s time to shop. Christmas shop that is and while you’ve spent hours planning what to get your family and friends for the holidays, you’re still not sure what to get for that White Elephant exchange you were invited to last month.

So what exactly is a White Elephant party, you ask?

It is a time-honored tradition that’s also known as Dirty Santa, and it’s a gift trade and swap party game or activity. If you’ve never played White Elephant or Dirty Santa, the rules are pretty simple.

Every participant brings a single wrapped gift, which is anonymously placed in a pile. The first participant will then choose a random gift to unwrap, giving each player afterward the option to choose an unwrapped gift or steal an already-unwrapped…

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