What About Those Little Clay Pots?


by Mark W. LaSalle, Ph.D., Our Mississippi Home

Pottery is not unique to humans. Even the best human potters would have to admit that the small round pots of the aptly named Potter Wasp are examples of exceptional craftsmanship. And although this group of small, non-aggressive wasps make the most attractive pots, many other groups of wasps use clay to make nests for their young.

Mud Dauber and Organ Pipe Wasps make large, multichambered nest that are commonly seen on buildings. The smaller, round pots of Potter Wasps are certainly more attractive when we spot them, on window screens or, as in this story, on the brick wall of a building. As it turns out, they are among the most durable of wasp-made nests and apparently examples of nests that are reused to raise more than one wasp.

This story is based on my curiosity about the…

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