Tips on Making Cornbread From Julian Brunt – Our Mississippi Home


by Julian Brunt, Our Mississippi Home

Certainly, there is no more iconic Southern dish than cornbread. It is seldom eaten alone (although hot cornbread, sliced open and loaded with good butter is pretty hard to beat) and pairs wonderfully with peas and beans, greens, and even beef stew. But my favorite is a combination of cornbread, greens, and chow-chow (a condiment I have written about countless times). 

Here are a few suggestions for making good cornbread:

Use freshly ground, high-quality cornmeal, like Grit Girl corn meal. Please do not ever use a packaged mix.

Cornbread is always better when it has a thick, crunchy crust. The best way to achieve a good crust is to heat bacon fat in a cast iron skillet until smoking, and then pour the batter in just a minute or two before putting in the oven.

As with every recipe you…

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