The Twisted Whisker: Mississippi’s First Cat Lounge


by Cherie Ward, Our Mississippi Home

This new Mississippi café is a cat lover’s dream.

As the state’s first cat lounge, The Twisted Whisker Cat Cafe in Tupelo provides rescued cats with a unique temporary foster home. The café fosters the kitties in the chill-out lounge providing them a free-range safe space for their personalities to flourish.

Marcie Harper and her husband, Connor, opened the café in July. She said café is intentionally spelled “cafe” in the name because Conner used to take French classes.

“He told me not to use the accent mark,” she said. “He refuses to explain further.”

All of the cats at Twisted Whisker have cute names that match their personalities such as Cleopatra, Azusa, Bunny, Wren, and Thumbtack. The cats even have their own social media following on Facebook, Instagram,…

This article first appeared on Our Mississippi Home.

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