The Mystery of Mississippi’s Lady in Red


by Meredith Biesinger, Our Mississippi Home

“Lady in Red” is a popular song from 1986 by Chris de Burgh, and that’s typically what comes to mind when people first hear this title. However, Mississippi has its own Lady In Red, and she still remains a great mystery, even today.

In 1969, a backhoe on Egypt Plantation, near Cruger, Mississippi, hit a coffin just three feet underground. Workmen accidentally came across the coffin while digging for a septic system. They were shocked to discover an expensive, glass-sealed cast-iron casket with a window. Inside, a perfectly preserved young woman with long auburn hair and youthful skin, dressed in a red velvet dress with a lace collar and wearing white gloves and silk/leather square-toed boots. Experts estimated her birth date. The date of on her tombstone is the date of her…

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