The History of Southern Cuisine


by Julian Brunt, Our Mississippi Home

I have always been interested in the history of food, especially when it comes to Southern traditions and foodways. So, I put together a few interesting (or not) food facts that I hope you find amusing.

If you live in or Louisiana anytime before the 1950s, what you sweetened your tea with was sugar, made from sugar cane. If you lived north of Hwy 82, you used sorghum molasses to make cakes and pies. Why? Sugar cane did not grow north of Hwy 82, but sorghum, a cane very much like sugar cane, did. 

The same was true with rice and potatoes. Rice was grown primarily in south Louisiana, although some rice was grown in the Mississippi Delta in the late 1800s, it did not become a major crop in Mississippi until the 1940s.

Speaking of potatoes (which originated in Peru),…

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