Thanksgiving Gumbo, A non-traditional spin on a traditional dish


by Julian Brunt, Our Mississippi Home

I have been struggling to come up with something interesting for Thanksgiving this year. It’s a little extra memorable because it is also my birthday, so an ordinary Thanksgiving table won’t do.

I thought about jambalaya or even making my mother’s recipe for cornbread (made with Original Grit Girl cornmeal, of course) and collard greens made with a delicious, fatty ham stock, or what about fried chicken, my all-time favorite? But no, nothing seemed right.

After a lot of false starts, I decided to make gumbo, but not my regular recipe of sausage and chicken. Remember, gumbo is the Coastal South’s most emblematic dish, representing many of the cultures that have passed thru here, from African to Spanish and French influence.

I love to tell the story of the lonely…

This article first appeared on Our Mississippi Home.

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