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State appeals court allows woman to add claim against SRHS in lawsuit

52 views – WXXV Staff – 2022-09-20 15:49:37

A woman who claims she was misdiagnosed by a doctor at Health System has won the right to sue the hospital after it was dismissed by a lower court.

The state Court of Appeals said Tuesday that Wanda St. Andrie could add an independent negligence claim against SRHS in a she filed against Dr. Terrence Millette and the hospital.

St. Andrie said in the lawsuit that Dr. Terrence Millette, while working for SRHS, misdiagnosed her with multiple sclerosis, causing her to undergo ‘painful, expensive and unnecessary treatments for several years.

She fined a…

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Motivational speaker encourages kids to never give up- WXXV 25

142 views – Janae Jordan – 2022-09-02 16:39:50

Dr. Tyler Sexton, medical director of Pediatrics and motivational speaker, spoke to students at Bayou View Middle School and Central Middle School today.

He talked about achieving goals, regardless of your situation in life.

Dr. Sexton was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as an infant and was told he would never be able to walk, talk, or even see.

Defying the odds and undergoing 16 surgeries, he pursued his passion for scuba diving and climb the ranks of recreational scuba diving, and turned his passion into his career as a hyperbaric physician. Dr….

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Singing River Health System holds forum on options for continued care

Biloxi - Local News Feed Images 002 – Sabria Reid – 2022-08-17 21:29:11

A crowded board meeting in offered information regarding the potential sale of Health System.

Singing River doctors, board members, nurses, patients, and Jackson County residents spoke about the need to keep local care in the county.

Residents have two options: vote to raise taxes, which leaves the burden on the taxpayers to bring in the capital needed to sustain the health system or agree to partner with a like-minded company who will provide monies needed to continue local care.

The business enterprise value of Singing River is between…

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Three MS high school students attend Youth Tour of Washington, D.C.


by Electric, Our Mississippi Home

Incoming seniors Gianna Pierce of High School, William Rasberry of High School, and Sarah Jean Scearce of Resurrection High School represented Singing River Electric at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s Youth Tour of Washington, D.C. on June 19-24.

The students and their fellow Mississippi attendees spent six days in our nation’s capital…

This article first appeared on Our Mississippi Home.

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Health Care: New program aims to fix worker shortage


Singing River Health Care Workforce Academy allows participants to work while advancing their careers

Working on the front lines of the pandemic was a challenge for staff at the system — a challenge only made harder by staffing issues.

Singing River is hoping to tackle the statewide health care worker shortage directly through its new apprenticeship programs. 

The Singing River Health Care Workforce Academy is a community-centered program on the Gulf Coast that aims to create more opportunities for people to become qualified health care professionals. 

The academy offers apprenticeships, such as a surgical tech internship and a certified nurse assistant internship, to create opportunities for people to continue working while they learn and accelerate their careers. 

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is working with Singing River on the licensed practical nurse (LPN) apprenticeship program, which hospital officials say is the first of its kind in the state. Jessica Lewis, director of human resources at the hospital, hopes that other hospitals will soon adopt the apprenticeship model to generate more career opportunities for Mississippians interested in working in the medical field. 

“We’re putting a huge investment into really training (people) and filling those gaps. The critical piece is making sure that we develop and build pipelines, because we’re going to continue to have staffing crises,” she said. “We have to go out there teaching and training our own.”  

The Singing River Health Care system will create more than 220 jobs while educating more than 1,000 students as a result of the program, according to the hospital.

Students can start in the academy as early as high school so that young people can get exposure to the medical field and make informed decisions about their career paths. Singing River has partnered with the and high schools to engage 11th and 12th grade students to participate in pre-apprenticeship programs and plans to expand to schools in Hancock County. 

Singing River will offer immediate employment to qualified graduates in high-demand critical specialties such as certified nurse assistants, surgical techs and licensed practical nurses.

Kellie Powell, a 33-year-old mother of three originally from Texas, has worked at Singing River as a medical assistant for nine months. She will graduate from the LPN program Sept. 2023. 

Prior to joining Singing River, she lived in New Orleans and worked for Ochsner Health System. After being displaced by Hurricane Ida, she describes coming to Mississippi as “a blessing in disguise.” 

“My children’s father and I packed for three to four days to evacuate and discovered that we couldn’t go back home after the storm,” she said.

She went to Gautier with her family. Her employers at Ochsner told her to find a branch in the Gulf Coast area and start working. 

“I found Singing River in Pascagoula and they hired me on the spot … I didn’t have any interview clothes or a car.” 

She hopes completing the program will help her pay off her student loan debt from when she attended college.  

“This program is the golden ticket. When I graduate, I will be debt free.” 

After graduating, she will sign a contract agreeing to work at Singing River for at least two years after completing the program.

The hospital plans to build a new facility to house this program, which is currently operating in a temporary location, in addition to a community health education center.

Construction for this facility near Hospital will begin soon and is being paid for with a $7 million grant from the state, Lewis said. Topics explored in the community health education center will include tobacco cessation, first aid, parenting, breastfeeding and childbirth. 

There will also be an emphasis on mental health, Lewis said. All of these programs will also be offered virtually through their digital medicine program, a program made by Ochsner Hospital System, that allows individuals to manage one’s high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes insulin from your phone and provides telehealth visits.

Eric Shelton contributed to this report.

This article first appeared on Mississippi Today and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

Singing River Health Systems makes Murdock CEO

160 views – WXXV Staff – 2022-06-30 08:25:31

The Board of Trustees announces that Tiffany Murdock will serve as Chief Executive Officer.

Murdock has served as interim CEO since February when Lee Bond left SRHS. She is the first woman CEO of Health System.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we are pleased to have Tiffany continue to lead our health system in a positive direction”, said Erich Nichols, Board President. “She has a proven track record…

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Local organizations raising awareness for organ donations

96 views – Janae Jordan – 2022-06-27 19:40:02

Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency and Health System partnered to host a presentation to Jeune Esprit Service and Social Club on the importance of organ donations.

Currently, there are over 100,000 people on the waiting list for a life-saving transplant. One organ donor can save eight lives and can enhance the lives of 75 others through tissue donation.

MORA covered the need for organ, eye, and tissue donation…

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Jackson County Board of Supervisors discuss Singing River Health System

203 views – Janae Jordan – 2022-06-06 17:39:39

The Board of Trustees voted on June 1st to put the hospital up for sale. Today, the board went in front of the Board of Supervisors to present the resolution.

After hearing from retired and current employees at Singing River Health System, the Singing River Board, and concerned residents in Jackson County, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors motioned to take the resolution under…

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Food trucks continue growing in popularity in Gautier

201 views – Jack Hammett – 2022-05-26 18:00:57

Every last Thursday of the month in Gautier, food trucks gather in the lot near the old Mall, inviting the public to a buffet of the best street food on the Coast.

More of these independent businesses are popping up in our area.

Food trucks here on the coast have gained popularity over the last few years — so we took the opportunity to come out to Gautier, where they have Tasty Thursdays, and ask some of…

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First LPN Apprenticeship program in Mississippi begins at MGCCC

237 views – Lorraine Weiskopf – 2022-05-09 16:13:45

Today is a big day for 20 students starting the licensed practical nursing apprenticeship program through MGCCC and Health System.

“Nervous, but excited.” Some first day jitters for Theresa Williams as she begins the 16-month LPN apprenticeship program through MGCCC and Singing River Health System.

All of the apprentices in the program currently work in healthcare but were unable to become nurses through…

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