So Where Did Buzzard Roost Get Its Funny Name?


by Nancy Jo Maples, Our Mississippi Home

Buzzard Roost, Miss. is exactly what its name implies – a place where buzzards roost.

A handful of good folks roost here too, and in winter months deer and fowl hunters perch themselves amongst pines and swamps in this community bordering the River.

Buzzard Roost was originally known as the Davis Community and inherited its funny nickname more than a hundred years ago as a joke. “A bunch of buzzards roosted in an old tree,” the late Laree Rouse told me years and years ago. She had a second-home camp on the riverbanks. Legends claim the named tree stood at the Double Branches bridge crossing towards Pierce Lake at what old-timers referred to as the “Lonesome Cypress” site.

Today, few people in know the crossing at Old River Road and Old Highway 26 as…

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