Shower Power: Food Truck Turned Mobile Shower Helps the Homeless


by Rebecca Turner, Our Mississippi Home

In the freezing cold roughly three years ago, Teresa Renkenberger and her family spotted a gentleman pushing a wheelchair down Lakeland Drive in Flowood. Compelled to help, they pulled over and waited for him to catch up to offer a warm change of clothes and snacks. Neither Benny nor Renkenberger could foresee what their newly kindled friendship would become: a life-changing organization.

One day, Renkenburger asked Benny, who didn’t have a home, how long it had been since he’d had a shower. His response was, “About a year, Miss Teresa.” Renkenburger left that day determined to solve a hygiene problem that plagues so many living without safe and consistent housing. “Walking up the steps to our house, the idea hit me of the need for A MOBILE SHOWER unit,” she proclaimed….

This article first appeared on Our Mississippi Home.

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