Second Art Sculpture Unveiled in Downtown Pascagoula


by Mimi Bosarge, Our Mississippi Home

The second of three art sculptures was recently installed at the west end of the Downtown Plaza in . 

Named Hurri-Crane, it’s a bright yellow twisty metallic structure made from salvaged steel from Ingalls Shipyard. It references the swirling winds of a hurricane while echoing the spirals commonly found in Walter Anderson’s designs. Elements of it also pay to the shipbuilding industry and the hands of the workers whose labor produced the metal’s shapes and patterns.

 “By using Ingalls steel for this downtown sculpture, the work connects the industrial and maritime legacy of the city and region to the community development occurring in Pascagoula,” said Julian Rankin, Executive Director of the Walter Anderson of Art (WAMA). 

Keith Munn, Ingalls…

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