[ROCK’S LOCKS] Predicting prime prep games


by Curtis Rockwell, Our Mississippi Home

One of the best ways for a sportswriter to make a fool out of himself is to try and predict the weekly outcomes of any type of sporting event, but especially high school football games.

Not that I need any help, but here goes…

Have no fear, Rock’s Locks is here again y’all.

Yes, Rock’s Locks is back in for yet another prep football season. Rock’s Locks has been a steady feature in several daily newspapers (remember those?) across South Mississippi for much of the past three decades. Each week we will attempt to provide some insight with some prep pigskin prognosticator picks and provide you readers with much material to ridicule me with I am sure.

There has been a lot of talk about Rock’s Locks over the years. But I didn’t care what was said, I…

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