Potatoes, The Perfect Comfort Food


by Julian Brunt, Our Mississippi Home

The glorious weather we are having is perfect for comfort food, and I know none better than potatoes au gratin. In the South, we call it scalloped potatoes, and to the French, it is potatoes dauphinoise. There are some minor differences in the recipes, but basically, all are made with potatoes cooked in heavy cream and cheese. What better combination could there be?

This is such a simple dish but so delicious and easy to make. The only ingredient that you might have trouble finding is the gruyere cheese, but Rouses always has it. All that’s left is thinly sliced potatoes, and the best quality heavy cream you can find. I season only with Tony’s and red pepper flakes. 

Gruyere is a French cave aged cheese that experts consider the best melting cheese in the world. A grilled cheese…

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