Pascagoula Witch Hangs Up Her Broom


by Mimi Bosarge, Our Mississippi Home

Nearly 40 years ago in , Barbi Harkey dressed up as a witch one Halloween to welcome the neighborhood children. 

But she didn’t just don a mere costume. No, she went all out – homemade witch costume, striped stockings, witchly-esque shoes, a pointy hat, cane and broom, and full-on makeup complete with warts and a pointy nose. It basically took about three to four hours to get completely dressed. 

She meant business as a witch. And for the countless trick-or-treaters who came to her door, she was the real deal.

Naturally, the reactions to seeing her differed among the visitors. 

“Some small children would immediately back up when I answered the door while parents would reassure them that they were okay. I tried not to scare the ones who were truly frightened and…

This article first appeared on Our Mississippi Home.

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