One of These Fish Is Not Like the Others


by Mark W. LaSalle, Ph.D., Our Mississippi Home

Flounders are a curious type of fish. Both of their eyes lie on the same side of their heads, looking up from their preferred positions, lying flat on the bottom. Other flattened fish, like stingrays and skates, also lie on the bottom, but their eyes are positioned on either side of their heads, dorsal side up. Unlike other fish, flounders lie on their sides. But which side is up?

That depends on the family of flounders you belong to. The Family Paralichthyidae includes the Southern Flounder, our most familiar example and one of the larger species. They are lefteye flounders with eyes on their left sides. The Family Pleuronectidae are righteye flounders and include Hog Chokers. There are other families across the globe, left and righteye.

But this story is about that odd fish, that is…

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