NO SURPRISE TO ME – Our Mississippi Home


by Richard Lucas, Our Mississippi Home

Martin Hegwood and I became fast friends when we were students at . We were both from , but we hadn’t really known each other down here at that time (I’m three years older).

Once we got together in Oxford, Martin and I formed a friendship that has now been close and enduring for over 50 years. We had many commonalities from the start—appreciation of history, enjoyment of sports, shared sense of humor, penchant for having a good time—none stronger than a love for the written and spoken word.

Therefore, when Martin called me a few weeks ago and said, “Rich, I won the Faulkner Award,” I was thrilled but not surprised.

Let me tell you about Martin’s accomplishment. The William Faulkner Literary Committee, based in New Albany, Mississippi, has presented the…

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