Lucedaleopoly – This Town Has Got Its Game On!


by Nancy Jo Maples, Our Mississippi Home

Lucedale’s got its game on – literally. It’s called Lucedaleopoly, and I’ve played it.

Whenever our family gathers, we really enjoy playing games. Even now that our children are young adults, we still have much fun and enjoy spirited competition. In past years we played traditional board games like Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Clue, Sorry, Life and so on. Not all our games involved moving pieces, one of them involved moving body parts like Twister. We don’t play that one much anymore as a family because Mark and I aren’t as limber as we once were and our three children aren’t as little as they once were. We recently played word games like Taboo and Code Names as well as the board game Ticket to Ride. We also added a new one called The Crew. If you like trick-taking card…

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