Local Baker Takes On Food Network’s ‘Christmas Cookie Challenge’


by Rebecca Turner, Our Mississippi Home

Beth Hennington, of Madison, started a specialty cookie company called The Vanillian. Hennington specializes in creating highly detailed, decorated cookies for any occasion. A fan of the Food Network’s popular show, Christmas Cookie Challenge, Hennington convinced her husband several years ago to make an audition to submit.

“The video was so cheesy. It was so bad,” laughed Hennington. “Captain Cookie is what I call my husband. dressed up like Santa, rolled out of our chimney to tell his top elf, me, of course, that I was selected to make cookies in the North Pole.”

Hennington sent in her audition tape three years ago! Thinking that the Food Network had passed on her video, she kept perfecting her skills, growing her business, and tuning in to each cookie challenge…

This article first appeared on Our Mississippi Home.

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