Let’s Play Some Ball – Our Mississippi Home


by Richard Lucas, Our Mississippi Home

Let’s do this.

Toe meets leather. Friday Night Lights. Hotty Toddy/Hail State/To The Top. Hey, it’s time to play some tackle football.

As the legion of gridiron fans across the nation will attest, this is a special time of the year. I am very happy to say that for me, it never gets old. From the time my dad started taking me to High games when I was five or so, the beginning  of football season has always held a touch of magic for me, and I know it has the same effect on many others.

Perhaps growing up and living in the South has something to do with it. Our region of the country has always been really good at football, and the populace is accordingly very passionate about this very American institution.

Our roots as football fans start with our local high schools, and…

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