Julian Brunt’s Jambalaya Recipe | Our Mississippi Home


by Julian Brunt, Our Mississippi Home

Jambalaya is one of my favorite things to cook when friends are coming over. It can be very good, if you take your time making it, it’s not difficult to make and it is inexpensive. Most food historians think that jambalaya came to us from Spanish paella, it is a bit of a leap, there are plenty of cultures that cook rice in a seasoned stock. Another example is French rice pilaf. 

Basically, Jambalaya is rice cooked in a seasoned stock with a variety of vegetables and meats or sausage. The point is that it is all cooked together, and not separately, that way the ingredients hold hands, as some chefs say, and by sharing flavors, brings the dish together in a big way.

That’s how I made jambalaya for many years, but not anymore. Here is my basic recipe:

Melt butter in a saucepan, add…

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