It’s Jambalaya Season – Our Mississippi Home


by Julian Brunt, Our Mississippi Home

It’s the time of year that I love to make jambalaya. Not only is it delicious, but if you take your time and get it right, it’s also a great dish to serve a large crowd and affordable too. Basically, jambalaya is an all-in-one pot dish, always including rice, an assortment of vegetables, sausage, and lots of spicy seasonings. Perfect for a fall day and a cold beer.

Jambalaya is most likely a relative of Spanish paella, a dish most often made with seafood and, if you are lucky, saffron. What makes jambalaya different from other rice dishes, is that the rice and other ingredients are all cooked together, not separately. It is certainly not a novel idea, and many cultures have similar recipes. It is also a recipe that can be included in the category that the Italians call “cucina…

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