Hear the Pascagoula River Singing This October


by Cherie Ward, Our Mississippi Home

Of all the rivers throughout the United States, none are as intriguing as the river that sings in — especially in October.

The Pascagoula River, or the , actually hums like a swarm of bees dancing on gentle notes from a wooden flute, according to those lucky enough to have heard it. The intoxicating sound has also been to the delicate sounds and echos of rubbing the rim of a crystal glass filled with water or wine.

For hundreds of years, the mysterious music has intrigued both locals and Gulf Coast visitors alike, and the changing days of October are said to be the best times to hear the Pascagoula River sing. The humming is at its most vibrant and loudest from mid-October through Halloween. According to those who have witnessed it, all you need to…

This article first appeared on Our Mississippi Home.

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