Hattiesburg Zoo Welcomes Healthy Hyena Cub — A True Miracle – Our Mississippi Home


by Rebecca Turner, Our Mississippi Home

The Hattiesburg Zoo has welcomed the only surviving hyena born in North America in 2022.  The baby, born October 17th at 12:45 p.m. was a single birth. Hyenas usually bear litters of two to four cubs, but approximately 60% of them don’t survive.  The mothers are also in danger as the birth canal is only an inch in diameter, often making the birthing process fatal, as evidenced by the high rate for first-time mothers.

Hyena births are tricky both in the wild and in a Zoo environment.  “We are thrilled with the birth of this cub,” said Kristen Moore, animal curator for the Hattiesburg Zoo. “We feel good that Pili is doing well and is being a great mom to her first-born cub.”  “Pili is nursing her baby who is suckling well, but we have hurdles yet to cross so we are…

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