Festival of Lights at MC Aims to Illuminate Christmas Season with Joyful Words and Songs


by OurMShome Events, Our Mississippi Home

The choir enters the chapel holding lit candles and singing “Of the Father’s Love Begotten.” Everett said the flickering illumination in the auditorium is as meaningful as it is breathtaking to see.

“The use of light, the whole idea of light shattering the darkness, is such a beautiful picture,” she said. “Every time I have done this type of service, I always try to emphasize the lesson of Jesus as the light of the world. The choir holding the candles demonstrates that darkness cannot stay where the light is. I think it’s very purposeful, and it’s the final lesson of the service.

“In keeping with our tradition, we will continue using the candles, and we’ll add a few things to the service as well.”

For the first time, the Choctaw Chorus and a few MC faculty and…

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