Cornbread Dressing Recipe: A Thanksgiving Necessity


by Cherie Ward, Our Mississippi Home

If you’re from the Magnolia State – it’s called dressing and it’s an essential turkey side dish at every Thanksgiving spread throughout Mississippi.

It’s made with cornbread crumbles and traditionally accompanies turkey either roasted or deep-fried in peanut oil, a smorgasbord of creamy casseroles, and several, and I do mean several, pies such as pecan, chocolate, and pumpkin. And don’t you dare forget the steaming buttery rolls, sweet potatoes, or corn pudding either.

And while cornbread dressing, served with or without giblet and egg gravy, depending on your preference, might sound like it would take hours and hours to prepare and bake – it’s really quite easy. It can even be prepared a month or so in advance and saved in the freezer specifically for a meal of…

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