Coastal Ridge Farm – Our Mississippi Home


by Judy Smith, Our Mississippi Home

A wonderland of beautiful flowers in every shade and style has made the Coastal Ridge Farm in a fabulous local destination. With a field of wildflowers of vibrant pinks, luscious violets, and every color of the rainbow, springtime at the farm makes you feel as if you stepped into that iconic scene from “Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy and her friends passed through on their way to the city of Oz. In the fall, gorgeous sunflowers taller than you can imagine reach up to the sunshine bringing their sunny disposition to anyone who visits.

Coastal Ridge Farm - Our Mississippi Home

Although the Coastal Ridge Farm in Picayune is now known for its beauty and family friendly atmosphere they bring to the Coastal region, there’s a little bit of history behind how the flower field farm of Terri and David Doyle came…

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