Clarion Ledger independently tests city’s water: Here’s what we found

247 views – Mississippi Clarion Ledger – 2022-09-19 16:31:08

The Clarion Ledger and the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting teamed together to commission an investigation of the City of Jackson’s water.

In cooperation with Waypoint Analytics of Ridgeland, the Clarion Ledger had water at 16 residences, schools and businesses analyzed for E coli. and coliform bacteria. No bacteria was found in any of the 16 samples.

For more details on the investigation as to what locations were tested, what the tests revealed and what experts said on whether Jackson’s water is drinkable, read here.

Clarion Ledger Independently Tests City's Water: Here's What We Found

“It’s critical that Jacksonians are able to trust all…

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