Celebrate Día de Muertos With Little Sugar Skulls


by Rebecca Turner, Our Mississippi Home

Jackson resident Carla Hobson was born in Mexico and like many other Latinos, she and her family left their home country to begin a life in the United States.

Beginning a new life, immersed in a new country and culture was difficult but it was always a priority to keep family traditions alive. Mexican culture is rooted in family, friends, food, music, language and traditions, and Hobson and her family continued to honor their heritage in a variety of ways.

One of her family’s most treasured traditions is celebrating Día de Muertos. Día de Muertos is celebrated each November 1-2, in which the spirits of the dead are believed to return home and spend time with their loved ones. To welcome them, the family builds an altar in their honor and visit their graves.

In Mexico, rites…

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