“Callie Strong”


by Meredith Biesinger, Our Mississippi Home

Our Mississippi Home
“Callie Strong”

Callie Smith is an eighth-grade student at Mooreville Middle School, a small community just outside the Tupelo city limits. An athlete in every sense of the word, Callie is a former traveling gymnast and loves playing basketball, and running track and cross country.

About a year ago, Callie began complaining of chest pain and sometimes feeling dizzy. Her mother, Jordan Smith, said, “We took her to the Doctor, and everything checked out. Her bloodwork came back fine, and the Doctor chalked it up to her as a young girl running three miles a day and probably needed to drink more water.”

Callie continued to go to school and compete athletically, but then she began complaining of her chest burning, and it was difficult to catch her breath. Something…

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