BlowFly’ers Unite! BlowFly Bar & Grill Opens in December – Our Mississippi Home


by Cherie Ward, Our Mississippi Home

The BlowFly Inn in is getting several trendy upgrades as well as a brand-new owner and a different, but similar, name.

Jonathan Allen, the owner of Allen Toyota, purchased the restaurant in September from the previous owner Dr. Victor Bazzone. When the eatery opens in December, it will be called the BlowFly Bar & Grill.

“We want to remember the BlowFly Inns’ past and honor it, yet bring the restaurant into the new age and give the next generations of ‘BlowFly’ers’ a place to call home,” Allen said.

Renovation plans include adding additional outdoor seating and a floating dock for boating guests. The interior will be opened up to reveal an artistic vaulted ceiling and brand-new bar that will span the whole length of the restaurant.

The menu will be a mix of…

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