A Southern Favorite: Boudin | Our Mississippi Home


by Julian Brunt, Our Mississippi Home

Boudin is a Cajun specialty sausage with roots deep in old French cuisine. The original French version was a blood sausage (better than you might think if you have never tried a good one), but I have no idea how it morphed from the original recipe to today’s boudin.

Today’s boudin is made with varying combinations of pork and rice, and there are innumerable recipes, most reputed to be the best. The problem with boudin is most of it isn’t very good, especially if you are not in Acadiana. If you want the best, you have to travel to Louisiana, with the epicenter being the city of Marks. You will find three of the best boudins on the planet in this small town, and if you are a fan, it is worth the drive.

In Louisiana, the best boudin isn’t found at the grocery store, but more…

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