A Mississippi Thanksgiving | Our Mississippi Home


by Meredith Biesinger, Our Mississippi Home

Thanksgiving and Mississippi go hand in hand, don’t they? Mississippi culture embodies this ; enjoying delicious food, as friends and family gather together while memories are made. Of course, we all know Thanksgiving didn’t originate in the Magnolia State. However, over the years, Mississippians have put their spin on this meal of gratitude!

Here are five ways to add a little (or a lot) of Mississippi to your holiday meal.

  1. Grab some oil, a fold-up table, and fry that turkey! In what is often a community event the morning of the holiday, family and friends gather outdoors to dunk turkeys into a vat of bubbling oil. Turkeys for multiple gatherings can be fried one after the other using the same oil, making for an economic excuse to spend Thanksgiving morning with loved ones….

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